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  1. Highly Stoned

    Highly Stoned

    Il y a 17 secondes


  2. Ultrasuper60


    Il y a 18 secondes

    Jackson must be reading all these comments bout him

  3. Unknown Shadow

    Unknown Shadow

    Il y a 39 secondes

    the mcdonalds girl roasted the wendys girl

  4. Sam


    Il y a minute

    If only services like this were more affordable for us broke millennials...

  5. Niall Horan

    Niall Horan

    Il y a minute

    lmao is that from by chloe

  6. Dilun Wu

    Dilun Wu

    Il y a minute

    What most of people think China eats: cats and dogs what China really eats: *CHOW MEIN*

  7. Victoria luna

    Victoria luna

    Il y a minute

    So everyone is taking about how aria is wear her srunchie, but like can we appreciate the moment when they’re watching the movie.

  8. Anaith Perez

    Anaith Perez

    Il y a minute

    Gansitos are better when u put them in the freezer then eat it

  9. Casey Fowler

    Casey Fowler

    Il y a 2 minutes

    Who cares what race somebody was and what year they came out with the song people of all different kinds of races came up with different ideas a different kinds of music why does it matter what race somebody was in who technically came out with this song first or any of that everybody can beat alligator the original it doesn't need to be about which race came up with the idea

  10. TheCookingNerd


    Il y a 2 minutes

    It would help if we could actually see the food!!

  11. Glyp


    Il y a 2 minutes

    🍔 s

  12. 1000 subs with no vids

    1000 subs with no vids

    Il y a 2 minutes


  13. Brian K

    Brian K

    Il y a 2 minutes

    Fact: kittens are adorable

  14. J Peach

    J Peach

    Il y a 2 minutes

    My favourite episode of worth it thanks to Jackson

  15. Dilun Wu

    Dilun Wu

    Il y a 2 minutes

    Russians: what is this? why is so big? Americans: its *ATOMIC BOMB*

  16. Elemental Scars

    Elemental Scars

    Il y a 2 minutes

    Darla probably got a very young mother too. That means her grandparents are probably in their 30's eue".

  17. Scorpia 99

    Scorpia 99

    Il y a 3 minutes

    Well Kevin's head actually look like Squidward

  18. 태형&あにえるか


    Il y a 3 minutes

    just i heard chung ha gotta go?

  19. petestreet


    Il y a 3 minutes

    Imagine that scarf got stuck between the wheel.?

  20. N1GH7.m4re


    Il y a 4 minutes

    Macarongs? More like MacaWRONGS! Plus dislike for having a GOD DAMNED VEGAN BURGER.

  21. the1trwdeafult


    Il y a 4 minutes

    other make-a-wish people: i wanna meet the avengers, i wanna go to disney land jackson: i wanna be in a worth it episode

  22. Julyssa Alago

    Julyssa Alago

    Il y a 4 minutes

    Don’t ever put the girl who works for Wendy on this food again she’s mad annoying like Wendy’s fries are gross as hell

  23. Templar Knight

    Templar Knight

    Il y a 4 minutes

    Awh... I'm in love... She's hot and loves spiders!

  24. Dilun Wu

    Dilun Wu

    Il y a 4 minutes

    Russians: dafuq is this? Americans: it bullet! take a bite of it! Russians: ...

  25. Eric Varvak

    Eric Varvak

    Il y a 4 minutes

    *flashbacks of mom yelling in Russian to apply mayonnaise thoroughly to olvye on new years*

  26. TFL Roy

    TFL Roy

    Il y a 4 minutes

    Can't believe you guys had chef ludo on the show. This is my favorite episode

  27. Zoe Blair

    Zoe Blair

    Il y a 4 minutes

    When I was in grade six, we would ask questions to younger grades. Me and my friend had kindergarten. One day we asked what they wanted to be when they grew up and 3 of them wanted to be dolphin trainers,we do not live in a place with dolphins. Another day we asked what would you do if you saw someone being bullied. Me and my friend also had to answer the question, and when it came to my friends turn he said that he would tell one the bully. By then all the kids started calling him a tattle turtle. And it was so funny. As soon as we stepped out of the classroom we burst out with laughter. 😆

  28. Gideon


    Il y a 5 minutes

    We didn't eat fruit rollups. Tried them once and none of us was interested. No one was asking for those.

  29. ᴀᴍʙʟᴛᴏɴ


    Il y a 5 minutes

    God those first burgers look so good...

  30. That comment

    That comment

    Il y a 6 minutes

    M C M backpack B A B Y

  31. SweetNote #IAMNOTALONE

    SweetNote #IAMNOTALONE

    Il y a 6 minutes

    1:57 Does anyone know what brand of tinned tomatoes those are in the background?

  32. Mario Cabrera

    Mario Cabrera

    Il y a 6 minutes

    lol they cheaped out this episode, why didn't they get him something that would blow his mind.

  33. bowtie345


    Il y a 7 minutes

    Lol my dad def has fallen asleep at the dinner table after a long day of work while we all were talking to him

  34. Renee Stowers

    Renee Stowers

    Il y a 7 minutes

    Me be like you said no tv and video games this is youtube

  35. Sonyeoduel Wassup

    Sonyeoduel Wassup

    Il y a 7 minutes

    That’s why u should date for more than 3-7 years to know each other really well and test long distance and all those stuff to know completely if he’s/she’s the one.

  36. Lassi


    Il y a 7 minutes

    "blinking male of european decent"

  37. Rob Brown

    Rob Brown

    Il y a 8 minutes

    The Wendy’s girl I wanted to smack

  38. Amanda .Z

    Amanda .Z

    Il y a 8 minutes


  39. Trigga Gaming

    Trigga Gaming

    Il y a 8 minutes

    Next episode: gamers try other gamers setup😂

  40. SoyNutsAndKale


    Il y a 8 minutes

    1:32 So she means It was too European and she likes more Asian?

  41. Henry Hernandez

    Henry Hernandez

    Il y a 8 minutes

    I dont like this epesode cus of the co host

  42. Liam’s how to draw videos

    Liam’s how to draw videos

    Il y a 8 minutes

    Bruh there is this girl at my school and she packed her own lunch which is normal but she packed 3 fruit roll ups 3 of these chocolate things and I’m not trying to be mean but I think she ruined fruit roll ups for me

  43. ciara beth

    ciara beth

    Il y a 9 minutes

    Both are too expensive

  44. Pastel Oak

    Pastel Oak

    Il y a 9 minutes

    Am I the only one that has never bit their nails?

  45. M & M Reloaded

    M & M Reloaded

    Il y a 9 minutes

    Y I thought McDonald’s was gonna be the mcchicken sandwich

  46. Urban Sidhe

    Urban Sidhe

    Il y a 9 minutes

    You know what really likes to eat chicken? Other chickens. They are monsters. I've seen chickens lose their mind over canned cat food.

  47. Sky Black

    Sky Black

    Il y a 9 minutes

    Add me on snap- Skyb_1080

  48. Jazzy Azzy

    Jazzy Azzy

    Il y a 9 minutes

    Camera man: “what do you think she could have done better?” Donna: “um... d o n ’ t c o o k ” Me:👀👀👀

  49. Guillermo Trujillo

    Guillermo Trujillo

    Il y a 10 minutes

    Bro I’m glad you’re back

  50. Norma Estrada

    Norma Estrada

    Il y a 10 minutes

    Rassest 😟

  51. Justice Little

    Justice Little

    Il y a 11 minutes

    this b just said “idk it’s kinda thin” when that chicken is thicc with two c’s

  52. jake junior

    jake junior

    Il y a 11 minutes

    the bully looks like russel weems search him up

  53. itsoweezee 868

    itsoweezee 868

    Il y a 11 minutes

    I hope you bring Jackson back. He was a legit good co-host.

  54. aly wongster

    aly wongster

    Il y a 11 minutes

    Missed out five guys lol

  55. Kelly Le

    Kelly Le

    Il y a 11 minutes

    Please bring him back again! He’s got a great personality!

  56. teresa lin

    teresa lin

    Il y a 12 minutes

    Jackson was amazing <3

  57. Matheus Rabelo da Silva

    Matheus Rabelo da Silva

    Il y a 12 minutes

    This was so wholesome, the ending was so heartwarming, Jackson all the way!



    Il y a 12 minutes

    *OwO what’s this* *dies*

  59. yeetieboi i

    yeetieboi i

    Il y a 13 minutes

    I accidentally said hoe in front of a mom without knowing she was there😢🤡😑🤣👏😶😥😴😓😖😞😤😭☹😫🤯😰😱💀☠

  60. Chandenlier


    Il y a 13 minutes

    *How do you say your last name* that an problem I have lol

  61. tori erwin

    tori erwin

    Il y a 13 minutes

    I’m a daycare teacher, I told one of my little girls that it was time to go potty, she said okay and told me she pooped, well she pooped in her panties. I asked her why she did that when I asked her to go potty? She said, “ because my hands are cold”🤣 Ummm okay 🤣

  62. Amber Pelton

    Amber Pelton

    Il y a 14 minutes

    I just had a baby 6m ago an i was told i had weird cravings. But now sitting here watching this im like i wonder if this is how my family saw my food wants.

  63. Snowdrift Belle Ice

    Snowdrift Belle Ice

    Il y a 14 minutes

    My grandmother died too. Her name was Evelyn and she's who'm I'm named after. I feel for you Zach. I really do.

  64. Taco Belle

    Taco Belle

    Il y a 14 minutes

    *durian is love, durian is life.*

  65. THAT GIRL ;P


    Il y a 14 minutes

    “ entitlement” said by a man who is clearly white and judging by the pictures of young him didn’t have much struggles...most definitely not against his race, gender, or appearance. And continue to notice one of the only things he doesn’t have a problem with is gays....cause he is a part of the community.

  66. Alex Lincoln

    Alex Lincoln

    Il y a 14 minutes

    That woman with a men's look is a bad influence for kids.

  67. Nate Baumgarten

    Nate Baumgarten

    Il y a 15 minutes

    This was very wholesome and I loved it 😊

  68. Shadow _Neko

    Shadow _Neko

    Il y a 15 minutes

    No matter what, Life will prevail, with the fire cuuuuube had no one will stop me with my tiny cube of potential fire at night I will be stroong I will not give up the fight! Kieth’s song

  69. Karandeep Singh

    Karandeep Singh

    Il y a 15 minutes

    Jackson needs to come back on this show.:)

  70. Mutsumi-623


    Il y a 15 minutes

    Cinnamon roll for a cinnamon roll

  71. La Gaveta Secreta - Mulu

    La Gaveta Secreta - Mulu

    Il y a 15 minutes

    One of my favorite chapters, so cute <3

  72. Emily Cool

    Emily Cool

    Il y a 15 minutes

    Lol 😹😆🤣😂

  73. Gamer Kids

    Gamer Kids

    Il y a 15 minutes

    Nobody: Keith: chicken and rice

  74. Eric Rumardo

    Eric Rumardo

    Il y a 15 minutes

    With a fuckin knife 🤣

  75. larry89


    Il y a 16 minutes

    The intro though lmfao

  76. lil • rat

    lil • rat

    Il y a 16 minutes

    Who else is here from Hair Love?

  77. Em


    Il y a 16 minutes

    man Cassandra be TRIPPIN. this whole time she's all like "where's the flavor" with everyone pie but it turns out it was really her pie with no flavor. smh

  78. Juju Aguirre

    Juju Aguirre

    Il y a 16 minutes

    Jackie over here being savage 😂

  79. R S.

    R S.

    Il y a 16 minutes

    Totally random, but I have the same flamingo pillowcase that nando has lol

  80. Daddy


    Il y a 16 minutes

    Best series ever

  81. onegonzalezz


    Il y a 17 minutes

    So I Jackson dying or what

  82. Iggy Morts

    Iggy Morts

    Il y a 17 minutes

    Please God, let Jackson be ok✝️

    • Jaime iz Real

      Jaime iz Real

      Il y a 14 minutes

      @Iggy Jackson will be okay and will pull through. Watch.

  83. Alyssa S

    Alyssa S

    Il y a 17 minutes

    You guys are the most vanilla thing to ever exist.

  84. Jaime iz Real

    Jaime iz Real

    Il y a 17 minutes

    God Bless Jackson, forever.

  85. Anna Bradley

    Anna Bradley

    Il y a 17 minutes

    If Luna rang me up at a Wendy’s I’d walk out. Anyone who talks to me like that ain’t it 🖐🏼

  86. aa bbb

    aa bbb

    Il y a 17 minutes

    what real American wants a crunchy burger? let's ask a Frenchman from a French cafe who makes you use a fork and knife to eat one

  87. Skull Burgers YT

    Skull Burgers YT

    Il y a 17 minutes

    You can’t play Fortnite multiplayer lol

  88. Kermit Master Dog

    Kermit Master Dog

    Il y a 17 minutes

    Racist lol

  89. STEALTH FlipFlop

    STEALTH FlipFlop

    Il y a 18 minutes

    When ever the French dude said fork and knife it sound it like fuckin knife

  90. Esther editszz

    Esther editszz

    Il y a 18 minutes

    I live the chick fill a girl ❤❤❤😌

  91. Azra Dog

    Azra Dog

    Il y a 18 minutes

    Me I hate her Chick-fil-A is the best

  92. Nytron


    Il y a 18 minutes

    Never walk in front of the cat, it doesn't want to go where you are going, it wants to lead. Never allow the cat to pull on the leash while facing you, they will slip out. If your cats go feral when picking them up and/or un-leashing them after the walk, use a blade of grass to distract them.

  93. Jesse Houston

    Jesse Houston

    Il y a 20 minutes

    How on another episode Jackie kept saying how she watched slot of anime and still loves anime but never really watched the king of anime? Smh

  94. ertic yusa

    ertic yusa

    Il y a 20 minutes

    Why not buy 2$ burger and mash them together

  95. take a chill pill

    take a chill pill

    Il y a 20 minutes

    the tzatziki twister looks interesting, im defenetly going to go try it out

  96. Armaan Talabi

    Armaan Talabi

    Il y a 20 minutes

    Who else wants to be friends with Jackson?

  97. Pinhead LARRY

    Pinhead LARRY

    Il y a 20 minutes

    I think Donna should of won bc she was being fair and giving them more points like how she would do a “6” to be fair and the others would say “2”

  98. Moises


    Il y a 20 minutes

    This video made me smile :')

  99. Winnie Li

    Winnie Li

    Il y a 21 minute

    Is it just me or a $7 burger pretty damn expensive 😭😭😭😭 when ur so broke the only burger I can ever afford is a junior chicken

  100. Baby NeNe

    Baby NeNe

    Il y a 21 minute

    🙄🤦🏽‍♂️omg why the Wendy’s girl just hating hard