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  1. Rizky Permata Sari

    Rizky Permata Sari

    Il y a 2 minutes

    16:02 eugene🥺💜

  2. PolarBoss


    Il y a 3 minutes

    Eugene doin it right

  3. Faith Less

    Faith Less

    Il y a 4 minutes

    They fuck up the recipes deliberately which is not funny anymore. They need to be genuine.

  4. Gheny-Rose


    Il y a 5 minutes

    bruh the clip at 8:00 creeped me out lol

  5. Agnes Malik

    Agnes Malik

    Il y a 6 minutes

    Im sorry i wish jeffree star was in this too it would blow minds

  6. vinessa sanford

    vinessa sanford

    Il y a 7 minutes

    I can't express enough how much I missed the commentary of that sassy child

  7. Aimee


    Il y a 7 minutes

    After watching this series, I can truly conclude I am Zach. 😂

  8. Jasmine Avila Flores

    Jasmine Avila Flores

    Il y a 7 minutes

    Jack: “my goal is to replace Zach as the fourth try guy” Me: Has a phobia of cockroaches and in side your ear Heck nawww muthertrucker

  9. AngelStuff3


    Il y a 8 minutes

    "You knew an 11 year old would be judging this episode and yet you continue to put heavy amounts of alcohol..." Welp that's a great preview for the remainder of this series lmao

  10. Jellyfish Art

    Jellyfish Art

    Il y a 8 minutes

    One time when I was like 7 I wanted mango so I asked my dad to cut some for me he couldn’t cut it then got mad and threw it He broke the window

  11. hopecanon


    Il y a 9 minutes

    I want them to just hire this kid, he has the funny in him.

  12. Fawnn Yoon

    Fawnn Yoon

    Il y a 10 minutes

    the sasaengs have infiltrated...

  13. DeAna Lee

    DeAna Lee

    Il y a 11 minutes

    Zach is making meth 🤣

  14. Owen Driscoll

    Owen Driscoll

    Il y a 13 minutes

    Who tf is that kid. He’s like an adult.

  15. Blash Butterscotch

    Blash Butterscotch

    Il y a 13 minutes

    I’m here for sleepy Eugene and zach in the morning 😂 in bed

  16. halli nguyen

    halli nguyen

    Il y a 14 minutes

    alex is my fuckin hero

  17. Olivia Sneed

    Olivia Sneed

    Il y a 14 minutes

    Eugene making basically beer bread. Me: Isn't there a child judge??? Also me: Waiting till the end to see what's going to happen

  18. len len

    len len

    Il y a 14 minutes


  19. arcadiabaey


    Il y a 16 minutes

    how can pointy nails be baby safe???

  20. sideboi


    Il y a 17 minutes

    99.9% reason why this video is cringey is cos lilly is in it

  21. Jake Park

    Jake Park

    Il y a 17 minutes

    It bothered me zac was cussing in front of the kid :(

  22. great fudge

    great fudge

    Il y a 17 minutes

    Does Ned watch Shokugeki No Soma? I mean he's gonna add white miso to have UmAmI? He's totally gonna win

  23. Elea Xu

    Elea Xu

    Il y a 17 minutes

    Me: isn't this basically their version of Markiplier Makes?? WELP time to see them either fail, or fail, or do ok. Maybe I have no idea

  24. Yolo Polo

    Yolo Polo

    Il y a 18 minutes

    My mom had to hide the lucky charms in our house because we would eat all of the marshmellows.

  25. Tegan Gordon

    Tegan Gordon

    Il y a 19 minutes

    I’m an Aquarius, Is my head shaped like a bulb?

  26. Charlotte MacDonald

    Charlotte MacDonald

    Il y a 20 minutes

    Blind judges.

  27. Christina Moore

    Christina Moore

    Il y a 21 minute

    I'm sooo dead

  28. Fierce Leaf

    Fierce Leaf

    Il y a 23 minutes

    Come to the sunshine state! Here we have the infamous Florida Man, dangerous sewage levels in the ground, and sinkholes! Get swallowed by the ground with very little chance of survival!

  29. chinea Liu

    chinea Liu

    Il y a 23 minutes


  30. Susanna Osinski

    Susanna Osinski

    Il y a 23 minutes

    Cinnamon raisin are my absolute favorite kind of bagels

  31. Will Muirhead

    Will Muirhead

    Il y a 24 minutes

    Eugene’s list was much better 😂😂

  32. Lobadenoche


    Il y a 24 minutes

    Ned looks tired

  33. Toni De Luna

    Toni De Luna

    Il y a 25 minutes

    "It's a bit like an audition room I guess... When they say you did great..." I AM DYYYYING!!!! I have rewatched that 300 times laughing at that entire moment. Ned's reaction is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lizzy Grant

    Lizzy Grant

    Il y a 26 minutes

    6:20 his hot dad beard fixed all that so none needed

  35. Ash Ketchum'

    Ash Ketchum'

    Il y a 27 minutes

    Ok but Zach should have scored higher. Maybe not a winning place, but the only issue they really had with his bagel was salt, and that's something you'd be able to fix SO easily by the next batch. The others had actual flaws in their bagels that would need a rewriting of recipe to fix, and imo that definitely places Zach's higher. I genuinely hope we get a side episode where Zach gets to correct the salt content and make the same bagels again for the rest of the Guys. He needs to be given a chance to show how good those bagels would be after correcting a minor problem. Plus, I think it'd make him happy.

  36. Dre Linthicum

    Dre Linthicum

    Il y a 27 minutes

    I’m sorry but really Zack in 4th place, come on

  37. Rebekkah Long

    Rebekkah Long

    Il y a 27 minutes

    Zach is literally perfect. Stahp hating on yourself! Totally a 10.

  38. Xx Keisha’s Gacha xX

    Xx Keisha’s Gacha xX

    Il y a 28 minutes

    That’s a plot twist-

  39. twentyøne des

    twentyøne des

    Il y a 30 minutes

    so THATS how wes was made....

  40. The Atrocious Disaster

    The Atrocious Disaster

    Il y a 30 minutes

    I'm a Taurus but I think that I should be a Libra

  41. Rosie_


    Il y a 31 minute

    figure drawing is rlly fun, except when u realize u suck abvsbs

  42. Lily Flavin

    Lily Flavin

    Il y a 31 minute

    I don’t know what this chick is thinking none of the cookies where burned

  43. IAmClass 483

    IAmClass 483

    Il y a 33 minutes

    Rugby union is way better the rugby league, rugby league is for p**sys

  44. Frank Ellenberger

    Frank Ellenberger

    Il y a 33 minutes

    I remember my dad and grandpa drinking pbr in the boat fishing when I was like 5 and 6. I am 14

  45. Niran G

    Niran G

    Il y a 33 minutes

    31:07 Zach is me when my friends take a group photo without me

  46. botsonlygaming


    Il y a 34 minutes

    Am i the only person who didn't like the judges this episode

  47. Snoopy Dogg

    Snoopy Dogg

    Il y a 34 minutes

    Keith should eat everything at Chick-fil-A

  48. Rebecca Stuck

    Rebecca Stuck

    Il y a 36 minutes

    Eugene: *holds up his sushi roll* “I cleanse this house”

  49. MochE4272


    Il y a 36 minutes

    Eugene is being so sweet to Zach. I feel like he understands how important this is to his jewish buddy

  50. Sam s

    Sam s

    Il y a 36 minutes

    can we please get a without a recipe with THE claire saffitz

  51. len len

    len len

    Il y a 37 minutes

    I feel a bit *cry* bc I just came here from Eugene's I'm Gay video and i love that his dad accepts and supports him so much without any condition. I stan you Papa Yang🙌

  52. T J

    T J

    Il y a 37 minutes

    the try guys: yea! mark ruffalo! eugene: wHaT If hE HulKed OuT WhiLe He WaS iNsiDe oF yOu

  53. Catherine Sharpe

    Catherine Sharpe

    Il y a 37 minutes

    Eugene.. honey.. there is yeast in beer that’s why it rises so much 😂😂

  54. Cindy Li

    Cindy Li

    Il y a 40 minutes

    *sorry you can’t donate in this country or region yet. “Cry’s”

  55. Randolph Here

    Randolph Here

    Il y a 40 minutes

    Hey try guys One of your fans I wish that you guys can try wearing fursuits that will be very happy to see

  56. Elysa Mak

    Elysa Mak

    Il y a 40 minutes

    We need another video with Eugene and wes together!!!

  57. Anne Ring

    Anne Ring

    Il y a 40 minutes

    The amount of times I said "that's what she said" during this video i s more than it should be. I am a sixth grade boy at heart. 😂

  58. I d o a r t I g u e s s

    I d o a r t I g u e s s

    Il y a 43 minutes

    “Aquarius are sometimes considered weird” Me an aquarius: damn right we are. *cries in gay weirdo*

  59. AS AS

    AS AS

    Il y a 44 minutes

    Omg no I wanted zack to win

  60. bree. cant. draw !

    bree. cant. draw !

    Il y a 45 minutes


  61. Kha Yi Chan

    Kha Yi Chan

    Il y a 45 minutes

    Jamie does NOT like Eugene at all lmao

  62. Kylie Sturbaum

    Kylie Sturbaum

    Il y a 45 minutes

    Cookie Crisp used to be bangin but then roughly around the time they changed mascots they changed the recipe and it’s definitely not good.

  63. Railynn Himes

    Railynn Himes

    Il y a 46 minutes

    This is admirable. Any husband doing this to try to understand this moment his wife went through is the pros and nurses in this is funny.

  64. KimOlson1993


    Il y a 48 minutes

    Have you never just bit directly into an apple?! Mom put the banana between the round fruit. 😂😂😂 "Stick it in mom." "I'm doing it from back here." "Usually where you do it from."

  65. Alterna Manila

    Alterna Manila

    Il y a 50 minutes

    New addiction: try guys!!!

  66. Carlos Rios

    Carlos Rios

    Il y a 51 minute

    I genuinely appreciate the straight guys being the ones to compliment William more. Straight men should get flustered and give compliments. Also I'm gay but I'd be Keith in this situation 😂

  67. Aatu


    Il y a 52 minutes

    Wow. I am watching this for the first time a year later

  68. Y M

    Y M

    Il y a 52 minutes

    the judges pisses me off and they’re so rude

  69. guthbug


    Il y a 53 minutes

    This episode had some of the best one liners and reactions I was dying 😂😂

  70. Christina Moore

    Christina Moore

    Il y a 54 minutes

    I cracked up so much

  71. KimOlson1993


    Il y a 55 minutes

    Eugene's Top 4 are absolutely correct! That's the order I'd eat them in! Then I also like a good Do-Si-Do!

  72. Alice W.

    Alice W.

    Il y a 55 minutes

    I wonder what would be Keith's reaction to eating French McDonalds. Not only do we have hamburgers with baguette bread instead of paddies but they actually serve beer there.

  73. Blue Wave

    Blue Wave

    Il y a 56 minutes

    Ahahah I love the voiceover 🤣🤣

  74. Mich


    Il y a 56 minutes

    When they went to the coffee shop it looks like Keith was out taking the other guys for a walk because his chain was longer

  75. xhandrei Alejandro

    xhandrei Alejandro

    Il y a 57 minutes

    I have so much laughter in this😂😂😂😂

  76. Tiffany Ding

    Tiffany Ding

    Il y a 58 minutes

    eugene's creations are always epic <3

  77. Gabby Galarneau

    Gabby Galarneau

    Il y a 59 minutes

    “This is the first time virgos have ever won anything” as a Virgo I agree and am honored

  78. Jonathan Jonathan

    Jonathan Jonathan

    Il y a 59 minutes

    I’m sorry but Zach is extremely annoying

  79. Katspearl


    Il y a heure

    the other three guys' reactions to each guy getting roasted is the best

  80. Speakingfor Crows

    Speakingfor Crows

    Il y a heure

    So in the Netherlands we use beer to make "olie bollen" as a new year's eve treat. Literal translation: oil balls. That sounds awful but they're delicious. We add raisins to the dough and deep fry them in a ball shape. Your dough got so big because of the beer. We usually use a large bucket and lid to make the dough because it rises so much. :D

  81. All mighty skek

    All mighty skek

    Il y a heure

    Keith looks like kernel sanders

  82. Mango Crush

    Mango Crush

    Il y a heure

    Me, a saggitarius:😲

  83. BB Franco

    BB Franco

    Il y a heure


  84. ahmed hamed

    ahmed hamed

    Il y a heure

    Fuck u im aquarius

  85. Autumn Brooke Goodman

    Autumn Brooke Goodman

    Il y a heure

    I've always hated being a leo.

  86. Kabir Sanghadia

    Kabir Sanghadia

    Il y a heure

    I respect how the how to guy has aspca on his chalkboard. Gotta respect the doggo

  87. len len

    len len

    Il y a heure

    Zach writing his side comments on the subs is funny

  88. shadow wolf

    shadow wolf

    Il y a heure

    Eugene, can you try doing something non-alcoholic for Jamie.

  89. Eric Swenson

    Eric Swenson

    Il y a heure

    good job guys

  90. Cassandra H.S.

    Cassandra H.S.

    Il y a heure

    Oh lord, this was HILARIOUS. Eugene looked ready to kill throughout the video - especially near the end. Keith's expression when he got to be privy to the...well, privy talk between the rest of the guys was GOLD. Seeing Ned tap out the moment he heard Wes got hurt was expected- and parent goals. Eugene was full on Tsundere near the end (then again, being sleep deprived makes anyone less than jolly), down to the " If you say one more nice thing, I will punch you!" Zach outlasted everyone- by just being Zach XD

  91. Grumpybuck


    Il y a heure

    :)(: PARTY! Now leave me alone

  92. Grumpybuck


    Il y a heure

    :)(: PARTY! Now leave me alone

  93. MJVT〈3


    Il y a heure


  94. ThatPurpleGirl


    Il y a heure

    Holy crap Wes is growing up so fast! He's walking now?!

  95. Natalie Ham

    Natalie Ham

    Il y a heure

    Same order as the bread

  96. fAbULouS TRaSh

    fAbULouS TRaSh

    Il y a heure

    my aesthetic is eugene not giving a shit but winning anyway

  97. Yahhh Yeeet

    Yahhh Yeeet

    Il y a heure

    7:59 ITS ALIVE

  98. Iris eclipse

    Iris eclipse

    Il y a heure

    If you do the sand challenge i can tell you that Chandler will leave right after it starts

  99. Cesca Tang

    Cesca Tang

    Il y a heure

    "Milky, milky, drinky milk. How he like to sip his milk." - Eugene I can't even...😂😂😂🤣

  100. twentyøne des

    twentyøne des

    Il y a heure

    the amount of anxiety i felt for him when he got busted was UNREAL.