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Retake Inferno B Site SOLO! - Pro Tips

Hey future Pros 👋
Rushly123456 is here to show you how to solo retake B on Inferno!
... As long as you can frag all the CTs of course.

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  1. Pierce Through Heart

    Pierce Through Heart

    Il y a 19 jours

    I did use this tip.. but i got headshot through smoke.. while i was jumping around 😑đŸ„ș

  2. Atharva Joshi

    Atharva Joshi

    Il y a mois

    The Ts would rather prefer to take control of the site if they come to know that it's empty and you're trying to smoke and molly alone. That hobbit molly would rather been proven useless as they might push smoke and take site control. (Only for the one CT scenario, good if there's a teammate already holding new box or coffin.)

  3. the king sd

    the king sd

    Il y a mois

    am i dumb or the mouse has its wire in the wrong place

  4. Br1ghT


    Il y a mois

    Pro tip: Save

  5. Cruzyi_HD


    Il y a mois

    How do i become a future pro :o

  6. ViSelol


    Il y a mois


  7. Toxic Caustic

    Toxic Caustic

    Il y a mois

    Umm you guys make it look so easy sadly I am not a future pro

  8. airam ramel

    airam ramel

    Il y a mois

    Why there is no more tournaments?

  9. prad_yt


    Il y a mois


  10. Nicolas dreizehnzwölf

    Nicolas dreizehnzwölf

    Il y a mois

    I like the smoke where you aiming in the middle of from the same position air Square.. The smoke land close to default defuse and you can defuse without getting pushed trough smoke.. Or let's say fake and just hide behind the smoke to hear the steps

  11. Rıdvan Bilgiç

    Rıdvan Bilgiç

    Il y a mois

    Video way too long. Instructions unclear.

    • ****


      Il y a 28 jours

      @Trungkeeper that is waaaay too long

    • Trungkeeper


      Il y a mois

      lol it doesn't even last 1 minute

    • Crimson Edits

      Crimson Edits

      Il y a mois

      Dick stuck in the toaster

  12. Paul 'Reptice' Balkhausen

    Paul 'Reptice' Balkhausen

    Il y a mois

    Many thanks to Rush for the great content and the credits to our player kressy! If anyone would like to know more about kressy, one of our players who joined us in early 2019, check out this video:

  13. Xennoha


    Il y a mois

    nice one

  14. MaNgaBaLel


    Il y a mois

    This is seriously good

    • Paul 'Reptice' Balkhausen

      Paul 'Reptice' Balkhausen

      Il y a mois

      Nice! 👍

  15. kasmidi kasrun

    kasmidi kasrun

    Il y a mois

    for what? #silverstuck

  16. innerFire


    Il y a mois

    He called me a "future pro" *widepeepoHappy*

    • Leffious àČ _àČ 

      Leffious àČ _àČ 

      Il y a mois

      He does that every episode

  17. L1E


    Il y a mois


  18. Rajan


    Il y a mois

    what about kotawice

  19. BeastFTW


    Il y a mois

    *Throws molly *enemy runs ct because he knows where I am *I check new box *Dies

    • Jeff Collett

      Jeff Collett

      Il y a mois

      Hear the moly hit him and once you see he isn’t at oranges, you know he went banana or CT. Problem solved.

    • DG2.0


      Il y a mois

      @Crimson Edits lol

    • Crimson Edits

      Crimson Edits

      Il y a mois

      @Yusuf Canpolat Calm it down yusuf

    • Yusuf Canpolat

      Yusuf Canpolat

      Il y a mois

      @ESL Counter-Strike i ❀ cs. what about you ?

    • Yusuf Canpolat

      Yusuf Canpolat

      Il y a mois

      @ESL Counter-Strike hello my man how r u

  20. Prioritydude Yep

    Prioritydude Yep

    Il y a mois

    Thanks for the tip

  21. Reece Hire

    Reece Hire

    Il y a mois


  22. demaj03


    Il y a mois