Thank you for taking over, Florian!


  1. Russ M

    Russ M

    Il y a 9 jours

    no new viedos?

  2. Ethan Reuben

    Ethan Reuben

    Il y a 3 mois

    Reminds me of this

  3. Anna Mysli

    Anna Mysli

    Il y a 6 mois

    Родной брат, что ли?... Внешне очень похож на Михаила.

  4. Mickey McGowan

    Mickey McGowan

    Il y a 7 mois

    The pups are fine with beimg nervously shaken

  5. Andrea Piper

    Andrea Piper

    Il y a 7 mois

    Such a great thing it is to help treat and reduce the population of the stray animal and the ones owned by the poor. God is watching over you.

  6. Nino American

    Nino American

    Il y a 7 mois

    PLEASE post somthing

  7. Frances Novak

    Frances Novak

    Il y a 8 mois

    Well Florian decided to only talk once after his intro, and then Fatou had to help him! So sad. I’m having to watch all the old Micha videos which are so entertaining and informative, and oh his humour is the best. ❤️

  8. Rebecca Morin

    Rebecca Morin

    Il y a 9 mois

    Florian has an English Setter!

  9. Sherry Vonsenden

    Sherry Vonsenden

    Il y a 10 mois

    Florian and Micha looks like they could be related

  10. Imca vdB

    Imca vdB

    Il y a 10 mois

    And we never heard from the clinic again... 😞

  11. kitzy katz

    kitzy katz

    Il y a 10 mois

    Now, I am confused! Who is Florian? The black and white long-haired dog, the white boy with the two puppies, or one of those puppies?

  12. susan sollee

    susan sollee

    Il y a 11 mois

    Florian is young, that's good! He has reserve to bounce back. Don't let him see your vlogs, he might change his mind. I'm glad you're taking this break. The stress can give you health issues. It would be different if the Gambia was your country, you'd be use to the poverty etc. You are a wonderful man Micah, you will be greatly missed. Your sons are beautiful. Germany is a wonderful country for them to live. 💞👍😉

  13. Clémentine Chazarenc

    Clémentine Chazarenc

    Il y a an


  14. swinderby


    Il y a an

    A shame but it looks like Florian has no interest in making videos.

  15. funniebrummie


    Il y a an

    Hey florian x

  16. Stephanie Zambrano

    Stephanie Zambrano

    Il y a an

    florian is cute

  17. LtlRed Hen

    LtlRed Hen

    Il y a an

    Best wishes Micha, you will be missed, thank you for all your work.

  18. Penny Finan

    Penny Finan

    Il y a an

    Please make more videos!

  19. blanche saarinen

    blanche saarinen

    Il y a an

    Thank you for joining for all the Sweet creatues you will help in the The Gambia

  20. Tiny Goliath

    Tiny Goliath

    Il y a an

    Looks like Florian quit too.

  21. LaShawna Blanton

    LaShawna Blanton

    Il y a an

    Hello Florian, I know I'm a little late but I just found this channel recently. I've watched a lot of the videos & think Dr. Micha ,Fatou & the rest of staff have been amazing! I haven't seen many of ur vids but I am glad ur there to continue helping the animals of Gambia. Are you & Micha related? I would love to see more videos, Please post more soon. Thank you, have a blessed day!

  22. Penny Finan

    Penny Finan

    Il y a an

    Are you Micas brother? You look so much alike. Handsome as ever. Good Luck

  23. Carol Ilse Anne

    Carol Ilse Anne

    Il y a an

    I know it's late in the day but welcome Florian, and thank you for taking the time to help these poor animals. Big hugs

  24. Dan Carter

    Dan Carter

    Il y a an

    Is Florian still minding the shop ?

    • Jeanette Walker

      Jeanette Walker

      Il y a an

      I wonder also what is happening with the clinic and the poor animals in The Gambia does anyone know

  25. Jackie Quick

    Jackie Quick

    Il y a an

    I hope you don't show ugly ass Fatou, SICK OF HER, Micha constantly video taped her come on its about the animals, NOT HER SHES NOT THAT SPECIAL

  26. James Franklin

    James Franklin

    Il y a an

    I'm a grown man at 40 and saddened to see you pass the torch. Hope the channel continues to put videos out showing the wonderful care you all do.

  27. kurdi clan

    kurdi clan

    Il y a an

    Guten Start!!! Viel Geduld, Spaß und Freude beim helfen u behandeln der Tiere!

  28. mr crock2095

    mr crock2095

    Il y a an

    Welcome Florian! !

  29. anne bornet

    anne bornet

    Il y a an

    Welcome Florian! So glad you have agreed to take over! Not a job for the faint of heart. We will miss Micha and his family very very much. For you hopefully he can be someone to call for advise/support!!! Fatou is awesome and knows more than her quiet nature lets on, she cares so much about the animals in The Gambia and will be a great resource for sure! Looking forward to your take on TNR and Mango worms. Wising you the best !

  30. nathalie s

    nathalie s

    Il y a an

    Hi Florian ! Nice to meet you! Good bye Micha :(.... good luck for the future!

  31. Tara


    Il y a an

    Welcome to the Gambia. Hopefully, your tenure will be longer than three months. These unfortunate animals are in desperate need of care.

  32. Cassandra Furlong

    Cassandra Furlong

    Il y a an

    The new doctors a cutie pie so glad they got someone out there to help

  33. Särah Montäna

    Särah Montäna

    Il y a an

    Viel Glück und Erfolg Florian. Grüße aus Hamburg

  34. Parisa Shahabi

    Parisa Shahabi

    Il y a an

    An honorable passing on of duties ❤️

  35. sosco22


    Il y a an


  36. Carolyn Ferrell

    Carolyn Ferrell

    Il y a an

    I felt for sometime you were struggling with this decision. You must look after your family first and you should feel nothing but pride in the work you did in The Gambia. You planted many seeds there that will yield results for years. Fatou's life was dramatically changed because of your training and so many others as well. Go home, smile, relax, and take care of yourself, wife, and two beautiful boys. They will reap the benefits of your new life where hopefully people will show love to their animals and follow your instructions for keeping them healthy. Please let the world know how you are- we are your extended family, always sending our best your way.

  37. Jackie Quick

    Jackie Quick

    Il y a an


  38. Audra Heun

    Audra Heun

    Il y a an

    I feel so so sad that we can't have Michas voice anymore. I love your sarcasm. Will you vlog on another channel so we can continue watching?!

  39. msjanegrey


    Il y a an

    Noch grün hinter den Ohren. Idealistisch motiviert. Sturm und Drang. Viel Glück.

  40. debby febriany

    debby febriany

    Il y a an

    why dr. mischa went home? retired? or something else? it has nothing to do with the horrible mangoworms in a gsd puppy, right? 😢 btw WELCOME DR.FLORIAN!!! 😁😁

  41. Lyn Bennetts

    Lyn Bennetts

    Il y a an

    Nooo Micha, l’m not ready for you to go yet. l just hate goodbye’s, but l pray that your move is the best decision you have made in years and that all your hearts desires are offered to you in any new position you choose. I ask one thing of you Micha for all your Facebook fans here, please consider doing video’s of the animals you save in your new life in Germany and l for one will be there to cheer you on. You are an Angel Micha, the lives you have saved in this job is a monumental salute to a man who gives and keeps on giving, all the years you have spent educating Gambian people to love and nurture their animals is a testament to your beautiful heart. Farewell to you and your beautiful family. 🌹❤️💋 Fatou beautiful lady, l know you will be feeling unsure of what is before you, with Micha not there to guide you but you simply need to have confidence in yourself, you have done it before and you know what to do and when the time comes that you truly question yourself in what to do next just think back to what Micha would do and you will be alright. We will be here to cheer you on so keep on smiling that beautiful smile of yours🌹. Fatou Number 2, l look forward to seeing you in the new series of the The Gambia Veterinarian, starring Fatou 1 & 2, we love you 🌹 AND WELCOME to the new saviour of animals in The Gambia Florian, you have a ready made fan base willing to cheer you on right here, please keep us updated on your progress by video in The Gambia. No doubt you have big shoes to fill but l can already tell by your love of animals that you are the right choice. I look forward to watching your video’s. Good Luck🌹

  42. BeverlyPenn


    Il y a an

    Florian, greetings!

  43. Louise Dragonfeatures

    Louise Dragonfeatures

    Il y a an

    Welcome Florian, looking forward to your videos 🤗

  44. Caye Taylor

    Caye Taylor

    Il y a an

    Welcome Florian I'm happy you have come to the Gambia. Please keep us all connected by videos. You will make videos won't you? You are in Fatou's most capable hands so please allow us to watch you run the clinic. We are behind you. Caye Taylor Texas USA

  45. Alexis DeVille

    Alexis DeVille

    Il y a an

    Setup in Germany, we will,so miss you,

  46. Alexis DeVille

    Alexis DeVille

    Il y a an

    Micha, I hope your trio back to Germany is great and. I hope you start a FRplayer Chanel there when you get your practice sermon Germany

  47. dlocsaeci


    Il y a an

    Happy to have you at the clinic, Florian! I hope your time spent feels meaningful. Best wishes for Micha's family's future. I'm grateful for the time you've spent.

  48. JoAnn Banis

    JoAnn Banis

    Il y a an

    Come on Florian ! What's going on at the clinic ? Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, etc Love your name

  49. Amanda Adams

    Amanda Adams

    Il y a an

    I am so happy to see that someone has stepped in but I am so sad to see Micha go. We all have chapters in our lives and yours in Gambia has ended but you're departing in the awkward beginning of one of mine. FRplayer has become a huge part of my life since setting some attainable goals (I'm making a brighter world for myself)... But it's not videos and documentaries, it's the people behind them. A girl with terminal cancer, one with cystic fibrosis, a woman with EDS, a chef, a dermatologist, a veterinarian. So (veterinarian), you too have become part of my life. And you too are going to go the way you need to, to make a brighter world for yourself. I wish you all of the luck in the world. All the blessings and all of the love. Take care my friend. Good luck and God bless your next chapter. ❤

  50. Sugar Cubes

    Sugar Cubes

    Il y a an

    Hey thanks for getting someone who looks so similar to you Micha! That'll make the transition much easier :D

  51. Susan Davis

    Susan Davis

    Il y a an

    Welcome, Florian. Such a nice face! Go with God, Micha and family,



    Il y a an

    Thats great I know you will do a great job.

  53. Kennths Mcconnell

    Kennths Mcconnell

    Il y a an


  54. Molly Stroot

    Molly Stroot

    Il y a an

    Welcome Florian. You have some big shoes 2 fill. I'm sure you'll do fine. Hope u get over ur stage fright. Please, do videos asap. And, Micha u will be missed by tha 2 footers and 4 footers alike. We all loved u and wish u tha very best in Germany. Please post some videos from Germany and let tha u tube world know what ur up to. After u get settled in, of course. Wishing Florian well in The Gambia and Micha well in Germany. Carry on !

  55. mioultiprods


    Il y a an

    Welcome Florian !!!! First congrats for such a brave to go in Gambia with all the difficulties that imply... Thank you so much to take the relay after Mishachu...

  56. Ryn


    Il y a an

    Welcome, Florian ;)!

  57. Sherri Fleming

    Sherri Fleming

    Il y a an

    Welcome Florian!!! All eyes are on you now! I hope you like Mango worms 😂😂😂😂

  58. fyandrews


    Il y a an

    Welcome :)

  59. Shannon Salinas

    Shannon Salinas

    Il y a an

    WELCOME Dr. Florian! So happy to meet you in your new position there taking care of the animals of the Gambia. Much luck to you and wishing you a wonderful and meaningful appointment. Will look for you on You Tube every day - Welcome from New York City!!!!

  60. rice ho

    rice ho

    Il y a an

    Hello and welcome. Please continue to make videos of animal visits on FRplayer, please, really.