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High Kill Solo Full Gameplay (Fortnite Chapter 2 Ps4 Controller)

High Kill Solo Full Gameplay (Fortnite Chapter 2 Ps4 Controller)
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  1. Remya Rajendran Rajendran

    Remya Rajendran Rajendran

    Il y a 21 jour

  2. Darryl Wharton

    Darryl Wharton

    Il y a 23 jours

    Do you play claw

  3. Mattias Cajani

    Mattias Cajani

    Il y a 23 jours

    You it’s a smurf



    Il y a 29 jours

    You are such a massive sweat 😓 and all you do is burn materials you don’t need to be soooooo sweaty just to win a game

  5. TSMmandestrick YT

    TSMmandestrick YT

    Il y a mois

    I think ur better than tfue

  6. Leechelle moore

    Leechelle moore

    Il y a mois

    bro your the best

  7. Uqze


    Il y a mois

    How is your quality so high if you’re on console?

    • Super kid

      Super kid

      Il y a mois

      Hes on pc with controller

  8. Sa3ed Gamer

    Sa3ed Gamer

    Il y a mois

    You pro player . You best



    Il y a mois

  10. LilJazzy702 Gaming

    LilJazzy702 Gaming

    Il y a mois

    You should do a video of you playing cash cup😁

  11. coding 56

    coding 56

    Il y a mois

    gnagno è il più forte a fortnite inchinatevi tutti su ps4 si chiama N4ndjolo

  12. Roda


    Il y a mois


  13. Amir Eko

    Amir Eko

    Il y a mois

    Indonesia bilang hadir

  14. Charles Waikunu

    Charles Waikunu

    Il y a mois

    I call my self sudden ninepins

  15. Charles Waikunu

    Charles Waikunu

    Il y a mois

    Wow u are a pro

  16. Calama luna

    Calama luna

    Il y a mois

    You must have a ton of wins. Lucky. I suck at this game 😔

  17. Lokesh Thapa Khsetri

    Lokesh Thapa Khsetri

    Il y a mois

    Show us Fortnite ps4 controller all settings video of chapter-2 . Please man

  18. Anthony


    Il y a mois

    Hey homie why was you trying to scam my PayPal account on Instagram?

  19. Luv Fifteen Hundred

    Luv Fifteen Hundred

    Il y a mois

    Hello Would you care to take a look at my music for free? If you want you could also use my music in your videos thank you 😄

  20. Biggrummy


    Il y a mois

    subscribe to pewdiepie now or I will eat your pizza😀

  21. TAG_ iGamerYT

    TAG_ iGamerYT

    Il y a mois

    Yeah i agree, most were bots! Good content though. Sub to TAG_iGamerYT to see me in action!

  22. Yalley1 z

    Yalley1 z

    Il y a mois


  23. Get Paid1k

    Get Paid1k

    Il y a mois

    We play fortnite together

  24. Dom Savage

    Dom Savage

    Il y a mois

    Your a piece of shit, you tried scamming me you dogshit player

  25. Ree Kai

    Ree Kai

    Il y a mois

    Are you using Kontrolfreek?

  26. Lucas Lombardia

    Lucas Lombardia

    Il y a mois

    160 fps???? Are you sure you play ps4?

  27. Reeky NONAME

    Reeky NONAME

    Il y a mois

    Can you help me get 1k subs so I can get a creator code

  28. Blake Godbold

    Blake Godbold

    Il y a mois

    Lol smurfffffff ur not good

  29. RiCo _

    RiCo _

    Il y a mois

    I'm a ps4 player and I have 32 wins .. I kinda trash and always up against pc players who just throw me in the trashcan, but your videos show me that controller players can be very good at the game aswell. your videos motivate me to keep playing to get better. Thank you

    • The1mS0S1cK


      Il y a mois

      He just play with controller on pc and hack so all he can do is build xD but fortnite is even more then build

  30. el nico fernande

    el nico fernande

    Il y a mois


  31. George Roulias

    George Roulias

    Il y a mois

    Eisai Elkins

  32. Hamoody XD

    Hamoody XD

    Il y a mois

    can u plz show your settings in the next video ^^

  33. ameekarenaee'


    Il y a mois sub to the channel

  34. darlene mcdonald

    darlene mcdonald

    Il y a mois

    Hey its me ayana nice kills

  35. Ej 769

    Ej 769

    Il y a mois

    11 kill solo for me

  36. Haik Manukian

    Haik Manukian

    Il y a mois

    One question How do you have 144FPS?! BTW I’m a huge fan damn your skills are awesome 👏🏻 Bravo 👍🏻

    • Haik Manukian

      Haik Manukian

      Il y a mois

      Oh makes sense thanks👀

    • bharath 15

      bharath 15

      Il y a mois

      He is on pc controller

  37. De Bugs Bunny

    De Bugs Bunny

    Il y a mois

    I love you so much! Can we play?

  38. TTV_ Drizzle

    TTV_ Drizzle

    Il y a mois

    Your a god i stg can u teach me how to do 90s i need help learn

  39. Jonas Lundbye

    Jonas Lundbye

    Il y a mois

    Do you play claw

  40. Raj Kaur

    Raj Kaur

    Il y a mois

    See SamuraiFC FRplayer channel for Fortnite

  41. Minty Quinton

    Minty Quinton

    Il y a mois

    My user name is Mintpencil6643

  42. Makbule Burcu

    Makbule Burcu

    Il y a mois


  43. tickets 308

    tickets 308

    Il y a mois

    make another settings video

  44. Emery Jackson

    Emery Jackson

    Il y a mois

    Good game person i dont know

  45. night wildcat 2.0

    night wildcat 2.0

    Il y a mois


  46. Jasperr Thomass

    Jasperr Thomass

    Il y a mois

    You know smurfing is banable! It's also showing us you can't play in normal lobbies! Smh

  47. Team Hydro

    Team Hydro

    Il y a mois

    Hydro king joe 83 ?

  48. Spicyy


    Il y a mois

    *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

    • xXRhysXx LUFC

      xXRhysXx LUFC

      Il y a mois

      I’ve subbed to you nice FRplayer channel btw

    • Maël KFC

      Maël KFC

      Il y a mois


    • Slaypuh24


      Il y a mois


    • Annemarie Marara

      Annemarie Marara

      Il y a mois


  49. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo Milos

    Il y a mois


  50. lavatiger 07

    lavatiger 07

    Il y a mois

    Πολύ καλος



    Il y a mois

    Underrated plz check me out I subbed BTW

  52. Kevin pfeiffer

    Kevin pfeiffer

    Il y a mois

    Sehr schön

  53. Rebecca Singleton

    Rebecca Singleton

    Il y a mois

    If you are not subed to my guy then what are you doing

  54. Vico Gaming YT

    Vico Gaming YT

    Il y a mois

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    Il y a mois

    you a bot

  56. Jahneil Wray

    Jahneil Wray

    Il y a mois

    Stop making new accounts it’s going to be easy

    • The1mS0S1cK


      Il y a mois

      Old one got banned 👍 hacking ^_^

  57. winterss


    Il y a mois

    I wouldn't say their bots, because they know how to build.

    • Israel Garcia

      Israel Garcia

      Il y a mois

      winterss good point

    • Tahmal


      Il y a mois

      winterss he only gets in bot lobbies

  58. Tango Hui

    Tango Hui

    Il y a mois

    I learnt how to play fortnite while watching this video.... Thx man.

  59. Joseph McKenzie

    Joseph McKenzie

    Il y a mois

    Love Your Vids Try doing squads Just a suggestion

  60. Jarvin Bonillaferman

    Jarvin Bonillaferman

    Il y a mois